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UI Animations are becoming extremely popular in 2017. More and more websites use UI Motion Animations for a number of reasons. As the internet expands, so does online competition. Making a website stand out can be easily done with a UI Animation!

3 Reasons Why UI Animations Rule Web Design

There are 3 great reasons why UI Animations rule in web design. […]

How to add facebook page share button on your own website?

Hello friends,
Have you ever think about adding a button to share your webpage on facebook?

Today, I bring a simple way to how to add a facebook share to share your webpage at your timeline or a page you manage or to friends timeline.

So let’s get started:
Below is the html code for adding facebook share button:
<!– Facebook Share button by […]

How to upload multiple images from input type file with attribute multiple

Below are the step to how to upload multiple images from input type=file with attribute multiple=multiple.
Html form for this:
<form class=”form” method=”post” id=”postAdForm” enctype=”multipart/form-data”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”ajaxSubmit” value=”true”/>
<div class=”alert alert-success hidden uploading”>Uploading…</div>
<div class=”form-group”>
<label>Upload Images</label><br/>
<input type=”file” name=”files[]” class=”fileinput” accept=”.png,.jpg,.jpeg,.gif” multiple/><br/>
<button type=”button” id=”uploadBtn” […]

Easiest way to upload/Import new project to github

Create a new repository on GitHub. To avoid errors, do not initialize the new repository with README, license, or gitignore files. You can add these files after your project has been pushed to GitHub.
Open Terminal (for Mac and Linux users) or the command prompt (for Windows users).
Grab a complete copy of this newly created empty repository, use git clone like […]